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Saturday, August 07, 2004'♥

Song Im LIstening TO: Xiang jian tai wan by zhao yong hua

Dunno y today whole day sian sian de.. no mood lor.... nv pick up phone oso... jux dun feel like tokin lei..went to jb jux now.. coz my fren wan go there and da you... the petrol there cheap ma.. veri fast then cum out liao.. then after that go hm lor.. no money go out oso.. My mummy bought the nestle omega 3 milk for mi.. one whole tin lei.. she say now i old liao.. mux have more calcium so my bones will be strong.. haha so touched lei... and at the same time.. I feel that Im getting older!!! sob sob.... lao nu ren sianz... Nothing to do at hm.. so i went and change my blogskins.. nice ma?? After changing so many blogskins can say that this is my favourite,,liek the midi oso.. hope this one turns out well... won give mi so much headache.. sick of seeing the HTML code for so many times hahah

Yeah I finally do my business today liao.. having constipation since yst.. hah that cause mi to have bad mood.. Do u knw that studies have proven that when u clear ur bowels every day ur mood will tend to be better... haha heard this from the radio.. tink its quite true for mi.. my stomach this few days wierd wierd de... then jux now i farted ooops.. haha then it was my mum then my dad,,, haha like a farting marathon man!!!! we keep laughing lor.. realli damn funni and the whole living room was like... eeeeeee... hahahah...sorry to share such a gross incident here haha.. jux find it damn funny lor... one after another.. lol.. anyway tink I stop blogging here...

Wad r my plans tmr??? intend to mit seline for lunch at my hse downstairs then go trim eyebrow lor.. then after that dunno go where.. actually intend to go watch firewks de.. but there sure will be packed like hell lor... cfm ren ji ren de..so maybe i jux go out for dinner or wad ba.. nt sure yet...

Moodswing go away cum again another day...

With Love, 11:37 PM

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