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Sunday, August 29, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening To: With ALL I AM


Shit man. Jux now type a whole chunk and jux a click the whole thing i type its gone.. *argh* kk let mi cool down first...

6 Dont's when ur hurt:

1. dun ignore -> if u ignore the hurt chances are it will get worst!!

2. dun run away -> no point running as in the end the problem will still be there..

3. dun hide from it -> maybe telling the problems to someone u turst u will feel better and the more u hide it, the more difficult it is to solve..

4. dun worry -> the more u worry the more u will fear and chances are 90% of our worries wont cum true!!

5. dun resent -> ur not the onli one in this world who is hurt.. so dun always feel that ur the most miserable.. and dun tink its unfair...

6. dun give up -> dun give up instead forget and forgive.. and start over a new life..once u give up...whoever who hurts u has succeeded..

Learn all these from church today.. fined that its quite useful to christians and non-christians,, so i decided to share it... I realise that im wasting a lot of time worrying.. I should use all these time to help ppl.. to mmke it more fruitful.. wads wrong wit mi man?? My mood changed totally after going church today.. I no longer wanted to be pessimistics....

Went to the Zpop concert at PADANG after that,, wow nice place to have a concert there.. can sit on the grass see the stars and listen to great songs.. alot of stars wor.. onli one star spoilt it STELLA HUANG...eeee wear so pinkish..then the voice so act sweet.. ahhhhhhh i cant stand her man.... srry if anyone of u support her a great deal.. but this is my blog... and i totally feell that she SUX>...so bad of mi rite.. anyway I had a great time today... bless ERIC wit a garlic bread.. and he was like so happy.. so indeeed the feeling of blessing is great.. u feel happy when u see the smiles on the person.. well im so tired man.. going to slp soon.. yeah tmr seline treating mi dinner wor.. yummy...

With Love, 2:17 AM

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