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Tuesday, August 31, 2004'♥

SOng Im Listening To: shoo shoo shoo by ou de yang


Teacher's day celebration it was meant to be happy occassion where all students will celebrate wit their teachers,,but this yr our class was like,, not enthusiastic at all.. I feel that part of it was my fault.. I totally forgot abt askin the class to but food to celebrate/// Why did I forgot such an important stuff.. When Mr Ramu came in da class and did nothin.. My heart feel so bad... feel so guilty...

Today was quite a bad day coz in the morning becoz of some miscommunication,,, Gilyn oso dunno wad happen go and scold Putri,,,and thsi was the first time I saw Putri so angry,, and she cried.. in the end our class onli got 2 packets of pathetic potato chips..But thank God after i tok to Putri she ok liao.. in the end everything is fine..

Mdm Rajes last min say she got something on.and there will nt be class..and we still left with last period Mr Ramu class.. the whole class decided not to go coz we need to wait for 2 hrs more.. we had nothing to do man..In the end we couldnt find him anywhere... so I left a note to inform him.. Juz now when I was in MSN.. syafiqah msg mi say that Mr Ramu like not veri happy.. haiz..all these incidents let me feel that Im a failure monitress.. I feel so bad,, Imagine How he might have felt..every class was happpily celebratin..can see the disappointment in his eyes..arghhhhhhhh... Rather than blaming myslef i dunnno wad to say liao..


With Love, 8:47 PM

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