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Tuesday, August 24, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening TO: She will be loved by Maroon 5

*Burps* too full le.. haha be4 I had a dinner I had a bread so now damn full man.. Hmm today had a long day.. I was so busy with all the project discussion.. sianz..Our projects still had a long way to go man.. Tmr I will be having my attachment presentation.. yeah abit nervous.. coz Im not prepared at all.. all tks to my com lor.. no powerpoint ma.. haiz.. Seline's selling mi her CD drive.. but now... the problem is the bth of us dunno how to fix it man.. so headache.. tink during the Sept holidays.. Im gonna ask some com expert to cum my hse liao.. muhahahah

Went for the stupid Bridge Leader meeting..waste time tokin bo liao stuffs man.. In the morning oso got a Monitress briefing for the teacher's day celebration nxt week.. LAME lor.. Im suppose to present the present to my class advisor.. Argh.. so paiseh man.. tks ah JUSTIN,,, have to go on approved leave at this critical period man... -_-

I went to Super cut to cut my fringe.. initially wanted to cut that kind of sha gua tou.. those gong gong tyoe of fringe.. but in the end.. the person say my hair will curl dunno wad ever shit.. so i onli cut steps lor.. sianz.. tmr go sch they sure say no change at all..-_-||| tok to ah chua online yst.. he say he cant find a job man.. so sad,.. realli hope he will find a good job soon.. if nt I hope he will cum back and teach us lor... ITE doors will be open for him man..K la mi going to do some research liao..

For those who r currently sick.,. Hope that U will get well soon.... Jia you wor!!!

With Love, 8:50 PM

Lover ♥

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