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Sunday, August 08, 2004'♥

SOng Im Listening To: Right Here Waiting By Richard MArx

Jux now when Im checking my frenster...Eric wrote mi a message.. after reading it feel veri sad..this is wad he wrote...

hey shirley, i was reading thru my testimonies and saw yours...really missed you a lot, why wouldn't you come back....don't know why i suddenly feel so sad, crying so badly as i type this....you know this week we'll be having our 15th anniversary celebrations and they're going to put neo-prints machines and have food fair but i know it'll never be the same because you're not here. Can we ever take neo-prints together like we used to...why do you not want to come back, i pray God will bring you back, no matter what you're going thru...funny how long after you're gone, now then i'm beginning to feel it....and if i feel so sad now, i know that i'll feel a thousand times worse if we don't meet in heaven after we die. Sometimes we can be so busy with our own things, that we forget our closest friends....but i'll always remember you, shirley see xue li.....i promise you if you don't come back soon, i'll go your house and drag you back.your friend always....eric

It's been half a year since I left church.I may have alot of frens in church.. but during this period since i backslided onli a few keep in touch wit mi.. Chelsia, Eric, Jin chun, Thong yao.... can say they r my true frens.. It happen so quickly I oso dunno why I backslided.. Somtimes I realli have the urge to go back.,.But I dun have the courage to face God... I find that I have done so many wrong things.. It;s like I know wad I did was wrong and I still continue to do it. As I read this message I cried,, I know what Eric type was from his heart.. He is nt lying.. The first time I knew him was when we r taking neo-print..the time when he first came church.. So fast It's been 3 years... And now he had become a leader... and here I am wandering,,always feeling so lost in my life... Trust me, this feeling is not good either.. I miss all of them tooo... but I dunno how to convince myself to go back.... God if ur there and still haven given up on mi... Can You pls light up my path???

With Love, 1:12 PM

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