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Monday, August 09, 2004'♥

Song IM Listening TO: none

So fed up man yst nite i type a blog then dunno y it cannot be publish.. bloody H**l...waste my time man.. anyway i forgot wad i wrote.. well later Im going to the wedding liao.. quite nervous lor.. coz long time nv see them liao.. Promise if I got take any photos I will upload it here...

Damn sleepy man.. now is onli 8.00am,,, shit iI found a pimple near my butt.. zzz so painful.. haha luckily My mum squeeze it out,, haha so gross rite... today got a long day lor.. after the wedding Im going to mit Seline they all to watch THE VILLAGE.. heard frm ppl say that this show nt that gd.. well no one cfm yet.. so I hope the movie will be worth 8.50 lor.. haha..
K la mi gt to go bathe liao.. When I tink of tmr I got TUESDAY"S BLUES... study so early man... haiz...

With Love, 8:42 AM

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