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Thursday, August 12, 2004'♥

Song Im LIstening To: none

Hmm... my ring broke liao.. from 3 until none.. sad man.. everytime broke sure have bad things happen and as usual nothing gd happen today haiz.. sad tink im gettin a new one soon...sob sob

Ah chua fly away jux now at 9.35am... abit sad lor that I cant go.. haiz.. well.. suan le ba.. still got chance to see him oso..So busy rite now.. so many projects cumin rite now.. Ent, PR, E-biz haiz.. this one haven finish the nxt one is here..
I have learnt not to tok so much now.. later offend ppl.. the mouth is the most powerful weapon on earth man.. I was jux jokin wit xw today.. then she angry.. haiz.. sianz lor.. Jux now at SW we played socceer.. haha so happy coz I kick the footbal so hard that It hit Andrew's butt.. then his butt too bounv\cy liao.. it hid his precious gf lor.. and then like dat wan to cry.. haiz.. then he like so gan cheong.. wtf man.. nt as if i broke her thigh.. somemore she is nt hwee koong lor..so thin.. haiz.. then dunno how that Adeline hit her again.. haha she sure got blue black liao..muahahah.. i tink Adeline kanna condemn liao.. haha..

Im going to do some thing for those who r special to me.. haha *Secret*

With Love, 7:20 PM

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