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Wednesday, August 04, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening To: NOne

HAiz jux came hm not long ago.. damn tired lei.. went to Orchard jux now... to buy seline's veri belated present.. haha heng went one place then can find her size liao... CAlled Kelvin in the morning to wake up.. Today is He's TP for motorbike..haiz so excited for him.. but too bad he failed lor.. Tink his turning too wide liao.. His nxt Tp is 6/9,,, realli hope he will pass lor.. Anyway he spent so much money liao... And This time he veri determine lor..Today Ah Chua came back to sch haha so happy to see him.. haha poor him sell away his car liao.. have to walk from interchange to here...haha he bought lollipop for us.. then I help them did the whishing Tree thing all the way until OA class.. hehe.. Mux show face abit lor.. later they say chn gers nv help wan.. Found out a secret man... Our dear ANdrew stead wit Lydia lei.. IT's so unbelievable... Lydis is that kind of guai guai type lorr... so now my class gt 2 couples liao.. so loving hahah... and Im so jealous!!!! lol jkin la....

Miting Chelsia tmr.. for dinner... then we go search for saloon to do our hair for Monday.. Miting her on Monday haaha so I dun need to mit that Christine liao... then she won yaya to mi again liao.. My fren email mi a message... abt HOW BAD IS UR TEMPER..haha I find it veri true lei... So I do have bad temper too hahaha

>>November 22 – December 20
>>You are insensible and generally have no complete control over your
>>emotions. You do get angry quickly and others marvel at your anger
>>levels even when provoked. Actually, you get tongue-tied when
>>angry and you will remove your anger waiting for the other person
>>to calm down. Then you will reason with your opponent and convince
>>the other person in a very gentle manner that the whole thing was
>>just his mistake. You’re also likely to totally sever ties with
>>someone when you’re upset with them.

With Love, 7:07 PM

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