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Wednesday, August 11, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening to: none

Haiz Im feelin so sleepy now.. after bloggin i sure go slp liao.. well been having a cold for the whole day.. so xin ku man.. tears keep rollin down..still have tonnes of things to do lor...

For u guys info.. I suddenly becum monitress of my class... haiz kanan sabo lor.. dunno who the hell go and shout my name in da first place.. see la now have to do all the shit wk.. record doen the attendance for whole month in the teacher's record card..haiz all becoz of this i cant go airport. send ah chua tmr.. coz i brought hm the attendance if i nv go tmr the whole class dun need mark liao.. haiz haiz.. srry chua... anyway I wish u Bon voyage.. Go for ur dreams...no matter how difficult it is...Chua jia you..

I went back cg today.. at first its abit awkward,, but after that its ok ba.. This time I cant play play liao.. I mux be serious!!!

With Love, 11:05 PM

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