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Friday, August 13, 2004'♥

Song Im LIstening To: ni yao de ai by Penny

Yeah sch was fun today.. nt bad lor.. Koong help mi buy the chocolate liao.. so Im going to whip out my baking skills le.. hope I will be successful in melting the chocolates..yummy!@!!!

Hmm today had a long day.. after sch onli cum hm rest awhile then go out mit my frens le.. we go chinatown eat ramen.. but then they were late so mi and one of my fren.. we go OG shop shop.. and I managed to buy a blue sweater for 18 bucks.. yeah.. so happy.. when all reached liao. we went to eat at a shanghai ramen stall.. nt bad though but the snacks like the mango prawn roll and the tang pao is nice wor.. but the seervice attitude of the staff was nt that gd lei..After eating it was still early so we decided to go Bugis to walk walk at the same time I wan to buy apples,,,went to alot of places in the end nv buy any.. coz the apples were either nt fresh if nt is too ex haha..Then we go and take neo-print haha so fun... Went to bugis village to buy cd.. I bought the Penny dai cd got all the songs i like man..My fav song is ai guo lor.. nice nice.. and the cd is onli 7 bucks damn cheap lor.. soemmore its like original man.. hahah nxt time sure go there buy lor.. the quality nt bad oso.. well...i had a logn day.. tink i stop blogging here.. see u guys..

With Love, 11:42 PM

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