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Tuesday, August 03, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening To: My all by MAriah CArey

Like this song a lot.. tink it's veri soothing when u listen it at nite... lol... Dunno y my classmates all say i today good mood...hahaha i myself oso dunno y.. maybe becoz i veir happy that this week have long weekend ba.. oredi made my plans liao.. hhaah i wan go ENJOY!!!!! hehe going out wit seline this friday again.. she is buying a bag for mi.. early early bd present hahahaha.. coz i like the bag ma.. but at the same time she dunno that I am saving up to buy her her fav tube.. lol Hmm... SAt maybe going out wit the twins ba.. then Sunday I wan go to the fireworks festival lol.. got performance somemore.. yeah... mux remember to bring camera wor.. Remember last yr I went to Marina South to watch wit my cg... tat time still got contact Wilson.. haha remember that time he gt gf somemoe dunno now still together ma.. haha come to think of it so long nv contact him liao.. lol'''

Whole day pass like tat,,, haiz i tink my life now is so boring man.. everyday da same... so sianz...
watchin the repeat episod of mei li jia ting.. hmm like this show alot.. abt family lor.. watch until wan to cry liao.. actually.. bf/gf,,, is nt veri impt the most impt is family.. family is always there for u.. they r there to share ur happiness and sadness... although my family is small but im glad that i got my papa and mama,, if there is next life i still wan to be their daughter,,, I love u guys!!!!

With Love, 5:47 PM

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