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Monday, August 23, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening To: Miracle

It's another Monday..yeah a boring wan.. I went to schoool at 11am.. cox totally no mood lei... Heard from them that Mr Ramu is sick he kanna the dengue fever..Poor him.. I realli hope he can recover soon.. Jia you wor..

I came hm yst around 11plus so late..all tks to my cousin..and the ship was so packed that the both of us have to stand all the way man,, but its ok la coz I got to see the sea and the stars.. the feeling is so peaceful.. how I wish the time would stop at that time.. These few days at Batam nv go anywhere jux stay at hm the whole day and watch Olympics.. haha so fun..haiz too bad Singapore lose wor.. but anywhere I think she has done her best liao...

Nothing much to blog liao..No mood lei..when I see my planner..the year is cumin to an end I was so stress man... exams are cumin soon and I still so slack... haiz..wad I am doing man... haven even done my revision....-_-

With Love, 2:48 PM

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