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Sunday, August 08, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening TO: Its My life by Bon Jovi

Hmmm Im SICK!!!!! yes Im sick the whole day man... so stay st hm lor.. tink its becoz this few days.. always slp so late ba.. hmm... mit seline to trim my eyebrow today... then go for lunch at my hse downstairs.. well after that i stay at hm doing nothing for the whole day... sianz actually intend to go watch fireworks wan.. Stupid joseph call mi n let mi hear the sound.. tempt mi lor.. haiz how I wish i was there.. but anyway still got nxt week ma..

Eric call mi jux now,, and we chatted for one whole hr its been a long time since we chat. hmm he still veri funny... well chatting with him realli makes mi feel better...tmr will be seeing him and the rest.. hope everything turns out well ba.. So excited for the wedding tmr.. hope nothing will happen.. most impt is my hair.. hope my hair won turn out to be a poodle.. hahaahah...after the weddin Eric says he oso wanted to go back tampines.. so i tink i will lopang ba.. then go seline's hse help her do hair.. haha im like a part-time hair stylist man.. then we r going to the movies.. to watch the village.. heard frm the radio its nt quite an exciting show.. but anyway hope it is worth my money.. then we r going to watch the FIREWORKS!!!!yeah... Myabe baby bear bf will be driving us there..hope the road won be blocked hehe... k la mi gtg liao.. having a long day tmr..as for TUESDAY, Im having BLUES abt it man!!!

With Love, 11:06 PM

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