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Tuesday, August 10, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening To: In the End by Linkin Park

Apple Strudel...yeah Yummy!! my mum bought that for mi..now u guys knw y i got this kind of fantastic figure liao ba.. lol.well.. tks mummi anyway..

Finally manage to upload the pictures I took yst.. so many.. haiz.. I had some misunderstanding wit Christine today.. all tks to her fren.. sianz.. saw her in the bus stop when Im going hm.. but luckily her bus came first if nt like veri awkward.. haiz dun care so much liao.. but i tink rite now the problem is solved..

Mr Ramu bought us chocolates and lollipop coz we won the second place in the "wishing Tree" competition.. that was nice of him.. well sometimes I feel that we had somehiw neglected him.. he is always tryin to blend in wit us,, and I can see his effort.. but somehow or rather can say that Mr chua is still in our heart.. Its veri obvious lor.. when chua cum visit us.. everyone will be fighting to take pic wit him.. whereas.. Mr ramu waited for us for so long.. we soemhow forget abt him.. ya its so sad man. can see the disappointment in his eyes.. tink from now on.. We had to give him some attention liao.. Found out one thing when I went sch today.. That KINGDOM rebonded her hair.. yucks man... eeeeee I tot today won be seeing her.. but who knows she came our class.. and pass something to MR Ramu.. haiz.. see her face reminds mi of.. entrepreneur liao..

Haiz stress lei.. CA cumin liao..can feel the stress cumin in.. zzz How to get those notes into my head????By the way I realli cant stand my class that andrew and his gf lor.. cant the bth of them stop showing their affection in class... keep touchin here and there.... Its so bloody disgusting...Haiz ren bu ke mao xiang..

Oh help mi..my knee is so painful.. all tks to John's sudden brake yesterday.. i my knee knock against the metal part of the seat,,, haiz.. a big blue-black man.. tks ah.. nice national day present.. hah actually he oso didnt mean it too.. luckily seline is nt sitting on my seat if nt i tink she will fly.. poor knee.. i hope u will recover soon.. muahah

He said that I treat him veri cold these few days... Am I????

With Love, 6:48 PM

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