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Sunday, August 15, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening To: I need u by Leann rimes

Yeah I succeeded in making my chocolate apple liao.. although I failed the first time.. lol.. yeah quite nice.. but I decided not to make apple for the nxt time I tink I wan use cornflakes...coz my fren all say they cant finish the whole apple..-_-sad man...

Went church for the whole day today.. It's the 15 anniversary.. the whole church was packed wit ppl.. alot of food stalls and neo prints machine man.. yeah of coz I have snapped some pics too haha.. all the food was selling at one buck nia.. so cheap.. well I finally bought my Victorious living book.. yes gonna have bibile study nxt week.. I promise myself this time im gonna finish this bk man.. Well saw jia wei and she cum tok to mi.. haiz tink she is following my footsteps..I tink she is feeling veri dry.. She told mi that she smoke nowadays..haiz anit shock lei.. coz lastt ime she tell mi she hate the smell.. ren shi hui bian de.. hmm wad i can do is to advice her lor.. coz I myself oso in no position to ask her quit man..

Jux now Clarence saw mi in msn.. yes i forgot to block him again.. haiz.. he keep askin mi to go out and ask mi to patch wit him,,, mi and him is history lor can say that last time I nothing betta to do and we together lor.. .. dun he know that.. I say I prefer to be single and his attitude totally changed man.. haiz.. realli dun understand how a guy tink.. k la mi gt to slp liao.. tmr may or may not go out.. all depends on that jj... gong gong

With Love, 2:19 AM

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