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Friday, August 20, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening TO: Happy Ending by Avril LAvringe


Well I totally have no mood to study the whole day... coz I'm going back to Batam later.. well I tink it's been a few mths since I went back..Been slackin the whole day.. ya time realli pass veri fast// *Ring* *Ring* it was the end of my last lesson so happily went up my locker... when I walk up the stairs/// Guess who I saw.. haha it's mama Lam// my sch DM...and I did not tie my hair!!! Buy 4-d oso not so zhun lor.. she say my hair veri gold?? tink Mama Lam eye sight is detoriating.. she ask mi if i dye my hair.. that was the fading colour lor.. it's been a year since I dye my hair.. I was so mad man I tot She wanted to ask mi go dye again.. If she do so I sure argue wit her like HEll.. I explain to her and in the end she ask mi go back my lesson.. diao... is she alright???

hey so long no see u le..... kind of missing u lau
po.."?erm... how u this days?tat u come i reali nv
saw u sia...so bao qian....hee...
james caught by e NS ppl le.... i no more best fren
liao...yong soon betray us,james caught by
NS man....hai................................(-_-)pretty sad

Wang msg mi this when I saw it..realli feel sad for him too.. haiz poor James i tink he sure kanna punish like hell.. hope everything will be alright.. k la mi got to go liao.. I cant wait to release my stress.. haha

Will I miis him or Will I not??/

With Love, 5:28 PM

Lover ♥

name Kerin
age Forever 21


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