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Friday, August 06, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening To: Everybody's changing

Hmm surprise rite.. so early i reach hm today... haiz.. sian lei,, no money so no where to go.. somemore so early wake up today.. actually dun intend go sch wan.. coz today celebration ma... then somemore have to wear traditional costumes,,,then yesterday nite my classmates all bombard my hp... esp ras, syafiqah.. asking mi to cum today... haiz in the end i surrender laio.. so i go lor.. zzz so sleepy reach hm yst nite so late.. onli get to slp at 1plus..

Went out wit Chelsia yst... we went to eat the tom yam stamboat at parkway parade.. hmm then we go walk walk.. haha.. so long no see her... we will be going the weddin together on mon... we went to book appointment for mon to do our hair.. intend to perm it.. lol.. dunno nice ma.. nt nice i will go bang wall liao..hehe veri excited lei....

Today go sch luckily got venni help mi tie the sari... if nt sure drop wan hahahah... the celebration was ok... and ah chua got cum back oso.. lol after that went to take neo-print wit seline they all.. then we all went orchard... guess who we saw when we reach there?? TOrro lei.. haha so shuai wor.. but he cant take photo wit us... so sad.. then i go do manicure lor.. 5 bucks nia.. got nailart somemore.. so shuang man.. seline bought mi an early bd present.. from littlematchger.. hmmm quite ex lor.. thk ya... then we went wisma to acc baby bear to repair her phone... haiz but the phone gone case liao..beyond repair.. poor baby bear... then we after that we keep thinkin where to go.. everyone no money liao.. so in the end decided to go hm.. and eat mummmy's cookin lor... haha...

With Love, 6:37 PM

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