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Monday, August 30, 2004'♥

SOng Im listening TO: China ger Usual suspect

Hmmm my shoulder is so painful now.. any kind soul wanna give mi massage???... lol.. reach hm abt 8pm..coz the threee of us go and search for Mr Ramu present..tme Teacher's Day celebration lor.. haiz.. in the end we bought him a small book on relaxation..budget lei.. I jux finish doing the certificate for Him.. wa nearly burn my whole hse down hahaha coz i burn the paper and i was tokin to my mum.so in the end the whole paper burn finish hahah..lucky I got buy extra man,,,

Juc finish writin the message to Mr Ramu..yawns.. it has been a busy day for mi.. well betta make sure tmr no ppl criticse my certificate.. if not my blood will boil lor.. coz i fail my art wan..and no ppl took the initiative to help.. so betta dun let mi hear any criticism if not i will burn down the whole cert...,muahahah...haiz... now 91.3 fm playing my fav techno song... wa miss the times i went clubbing wit Mary they all to Sparks man.. so long liao.. tat time everytime go wan when I wkin in the bubble tea shop... haiz.. now so busy wan go shopping oso difficult.. guess wad just I wanted to find my cert.. I went to my locked cupboard.. I was so surprised when I saw a big pack Malboro Menthol Light... wa tink that was damn long liao.. tink it was 4 years ago liao.. wa heng luckily my mum nv saw it man..I actually forgotten abt it man.. power haha.. yawnz.. k la mi wanan go sleep liao..tmr will be a busy day man!!!

With Love, 11:20 PM

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