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Tuesday, August 17, 2004'♥

Song IM Listening TO: China ger by Usual Suspect

Dunno why yst Im so emotional.. sorry guys if I scared u all.. write alot of crap man.. anyway I had a great day today.. Although nothing much happened.. but I tink coz becoz todaY i GOT A SMOOTH DAY BA..Well.. today got a group czlled slim shady came our sch and perform.. they r from TEAM SINGAPORE,, its a band.. and the drumer is sooo wow shuai wor.. alot of ppl queue up for their CDs,, coz its osos for charity purpose.. too bad nv bring enough money.. if nt I oso buy. coz the songs nt bad wor..

Went to Swensens wit the 6 sista.. coz now got promotion ma.. 5 scoops of ice cream for 1.40 cheap rite???? ya lor.. but mux be4 5 pm.. today finish sch early so go there lor.. hehe.. ya had a nice time chatting and laughing.. Took a lot of pictures wit wei si wor today will upload some other day.. hehe// haiz now have to rush finish my e commerce tutorial.. so I shld stop now..

With Love, 10:47 PM

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