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Monday, August 16, 2004'♥


I dunno why am I so affected by WEISI... I suddenly miss her alot I hate myself for being such an emotional person.. .. Remembered the first day she came my hse.. she was so attitude.. Dun wan to bathe everytime cry and cry.. eee I find her so irritating.. but now.. seems like she has become a part of mi..Maybe the saying is true "gan qing shi ke yi pei yang de" 2ys plus liao almost everyday when i came back hm frm sch... she will be there.. and sometimes I would buy sweets for her.. I can still remember the times the bth of us quarrel yes quarrel.. haha an 20 yrs old quarrelling wit a 4 yr old.. how childish can I be hahah.. but always she will be the one saying sorry to mi..I dunno on the last day will I cry a not.. I guess I will.. sob sob

I tink the one most affected in my family is my dad... dun becoz he gt an lao beng face tink that he is veri fierce.. no lor.. my dad love WEISI a lot too.. sometimes she nv cum my dad would even tink of her.. makes mi so jealous man.. Then always wan to act cute in front of her.. so bubu

This 4 yr old ger has make such an impact in my family. unbelievable rite..Im realli gonna to miss her.. she will always be my baby bubu..

With Love, 10:50 PM

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