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Wednesday, August 25, 2004'♥

Both mi and Rusydi were sitting down there,, coz veri hot we need the fan.. akll tks to my frens they took this photo secretly.. naming it liu xing hua yuan part3 muahhaah

Song IM LIstening To: Be with you Atomic Kitten

Well its a rainy day man.. had a nice sleep in da bus guess I'm too tired le ba..I accompany Seline to go trim her eyebrow jux now... was waiting for her and saw this malay auntie cuming for facial... wa power lor.. 10 session 400 plus and she str away pay.. so shuang man,, haha as for mi I nv go facial be4 lor.. I know I veri shua khoo la.. fine one day mux realli go facial liao...20 years old liao mux start to take care liao.. if not no ppl wan mi// sob sob

Bought a new set of uniform... spent so much time choosing the colours, size.. wanna say srry to my 6 sisters letting u guys waiting for this fussy auntie..and wanna tks hwee koong.. haha she accompany me all the way man.. *muackz* love ya..

Mi gtg liao.. going my frens hse..4 days more to ******.

With Love, 5:39 PM

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