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Sunday, July 25, 2004'♥

Song Im LIstening to: words by mark oh

Jux woke up a while ago... hmm had a fun nite yst.. went to alot of places too.. well first thing in da morning went to tea lover's KTV at Chinatown with the twins, adeline, keline and jessie.. the KTV veri grand lor.. haha quite big nearly went into the wrong room.. haha we sing and sing.. it was fun.. but too bad we dedicate too much song liao cant sing finish wad we dedicate.. nt bad we go there another time.. Bought a pair of earrings at the Chinatown Street... Onli 2.50nia.. and I love it veri much...

After that the twins, jessie and I we went to the People"S Park hawker eat.. so long no go there liao.. last time i live near there always go.. then we went to Somerset.. intending to go MU.. so we sit at Coffee Bean and chat chat waiting for the time.. too tired to walk walk liao... At abt 8.30 like dat we go chop lor.. coz free entry ma.. the song yst nt bad.. can say better than last week lor.. as usual I saw that Andy.. no matter which club I go i will sure see him wan.. so sian of seeing him.. Kelvin msg mi say he wanted to mit mi.. so in the end we went off at 1.45am like dat... Steph fren cum and fetch her.. they r veri power lor.. so late liao still can go play billard.. poor steph her eyes so red liao.. coz the day be4 she oso nv slp much haha.. When I reach my hm downstairs Kelvin was oredi there liao... poor him wait for mi for half an hour.. then we go to the coffeeshop and chat chat tok cock lor,,, went hm at about 5am...

HAiz today totally no mood go out liao... too sleepy le.. haha tink i won go clubbin until a few weeks later.. haha old liao.. go clubbing veri shiong.. haha enough fum le.. time to get serious to study liao... lol..

With Love, 5:23 PM

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