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Thursday, July 08, 2004'♥

Song im listening to: this love by maroon 5

had a long and tiring day today, early in the morning got word processing.. so scary man.. but luckily today she nv tape the keyboard// kepp practising our ASDF JKL: home keys lor.. until my finger now so tired man.. zzz.. she ask us to practice typing at hm at least for one hr per day man.. haiz wad to do man.. dun wan to go back on sat for make up lesson lor..

today rainning so dun need to run for my SW lesson haha.. heng lei.. so we play badminton wow so fun lor.. long time no play liao.. tink tmr my whole body will be aching liao. so tired man..but i had a great time lol..hope can play more in future man.. now waiting for my cousin to cum back from batam haha so we can go play in stadium lor..

Ah Nash cum to find us after sch today.. to pass the padlock of the locker to jessie.. hehe wow nash da ye more and more shuai le wor.. haha he jux went to cut hair yst haha,,, haha miss him so much man.. since he graduate in sch veri sian liao.. no ppl to tok to.. last time we will stand outside our class and chat chat lor.. then miya and shou jing go in army liao.. wa so fast man.. time realli flies.. anyway wanted to congrat to our nash da ge lor.. he is going poly after his army.. haha jia you wor.. xiao wei and i alight at orchard.. coz she accompany mi to go collect my skirt ma,, hehe finally got my skirt liao.. so happy man.. then after that we go walk walk and go the food court eat carrot cake.. zzz dun ever go lucky plaza foodcourt lor. the food there is damn ex.. esp the drinks lor.. zzz i pay 1.80 for a cup of lime juice lor.. sianz.. wont go there liao.. so pian ren wan.. haha k la mi need to go do my report for my attachment liao.. tmr going IKEA.. yipeee.. haha..

With Love, 7:10 PM

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