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Sunday, July 04, 2004'♥

SonG Im Listening To: Ai De Ke Neng by Sally Yeh

Dunno wads wrong wit my stupid modem.. mux wait so long then can dial// haiz sianz.. Finally finish my attachment and got my pay...Yeah!! but i have spent half of it liao.. sob sob..

Went to Fishermasn village yst wit paul and jing jie.. so nice man.. so long nv go beach le.. but too bad veri late cant see the beach.. one of these days im going in the evening..we chit chat and drink there.. haha veri stupid lor the table next to us.. got 2 ppl vomit.. eeeeeee so er xing... haha then in the end jing jie send us home.. tks ah.. if u reading this.. and paul thks for accompanying mi before jing jie came hhahaha..

sleep until 12pm today wa,, so long nv sleep so much liao.. then went to trim my eyebrow wit seline.. then mit jessie 3pm at orchard.. im realli sorry ger.. that i late almost one hr.. so so so sorrie.. haha we went to Ajisen..for lunch..wow so full man.. in the end we nv east dinner lor,, u can imagine how big bowl it is.. haha haiz.. dunno y lor.. the nth of us veri fan.. then buy cigarette.. Jessie i wan to tell u that no matter wad happen u mus stay strong ok.. jia you wor.. anything happen ill be wit u.. haha abit mushy hor.. lol.. die liao lor.. these few days keep smoking.. bought a skirt... nail polish and a few packets of junk food .. all becoz of that jessie la.. keep psycho mi to buy these and that.. haiz spent alot today.. mux save save liao from tmr onwards.. lol.

haiz tmr sch reopen liao.. haha finally.. but veri sian got orientation programme for the first yr.. so i mux reach sch at 7.30am.. yawnz lei.. later still have to wake up to watch the score of the final... haha i got bet on Porugal this time round.. dun make mi lose hor.. and lastly i HATE greece and i realli do.. muahaha

With Love, 11:20 PM

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