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Tuesday, July 27, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening To: MovE Bitch

I am farking angry now lor.. not becoz of my own problems... but becoz i jux read the blog of my fren ex stead... I realli dun understand lor.. y sometimes a ger can be so bitch lor.. this is a story abt a fren and her ex.. Dunno why is this world so unfair lor.. my fren stead wit this guy in the end broke up wit him,, the reason?? coz i have no more feelings for u liao... mind u the  guy treat her veri good lor.. shower her with gifts.. try to spend time wit her,,  then when they broke up they still got contact.. the guy miss her alot still love her.. but the ger??? found another bf... live happily.. life as normal.. when she needed his help like borrow things from him, borrow money, borrow handphone,then she will contact him, of coz the guy will stupid stupid lend her all the things she want lor... then behind the guy she will tok bad things abt the guy to her fren.. say he veri irritating ah.. all sorts of nonsense... wad is this man.. here is a guy who love his ex gf alot.. is there anything wrong wit it?? even if u dun like him liao.... dun go and do things that hurt him lor... I realli dunno wad to say abt this ger lor.. although she is my frens for many years.. i still veri angry wit her lor... cant she jux wake up??? and for the guy.. pls lei open ur eyes wider.. some woman are not meant to love... feel like slapping the guy ask him to come to his senses...

Of coz this is the problem btw the two gong gong... Im not going to say anything to her,, neither is the guy.. I jux hope for those ppl who r reading this.,... Pls dun ever do these things to ur bf or ex.... U know the feeling of loving someone is so torturing.. So wad if ur pretty alot of guys like u.. U have no rights to hurt other ppl feelings....  

With Love, 8:58 PM

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