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Wednesday, July 28, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening To: If i can be the one by He yao sun

Hmm... My mood was so so today lor.. jux felt veri tired stupid lor three days in a row study 8 am lei.. yao wo de ming ah.. haiz.. today is da best lor.. 1 lecture and 2 tutorial for e-commerce.. zz wad extranet intranet.. until i wan sleep man... Jess uncle passed away in da morning... hmm tink i might be going to the funeral tmr evening ba... deepest sympathy...

Chelsia msg mi today wow so long no see her le.. miss her lei.. she ask mi when I free then go out.. haha finally can see her liao... sianz Ian wedding cumin soon... IN church lor.. sianz lei.. dunno wad to wear, i tink this Sat need to go buy a dress liao... so long no go back church liao.. dunno wad will happen on that day man.. haiz I find that Christine has changed lor.. she changed to becum so vain liao.. then always so sacarstic,,, dunno y she becum like dat... tink i won be going to the wedding wit her ba.. maybe I mit Mervin then ask him drive mi there lol...  

k la mi wan go feed wei si eat rice liao.. this ger huh.. so irritating hehe... lol..

With Love, 6:43 PM

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