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Saturday, July 31, 2004'♥


The time now is 10.04pm.. usually every week this time I will still be outside lor.. either clubbing or Ktv... but today no mood lei.. oso veri tired maybe becoz I this week veri siong lor.. study 8am for so many days... haiz

Went to Bugis wit seline today.. first thing is to see suping bf. He wk at the tako poachi there.. see how he lk like haha..we 2 veri kaypo lor..hmm nt bad haha veri man wor.. then second thing is to take Neo-print haha,, i will upload when seline scan finish le...third thing is to find a blouse..coz nxt mon I got a wedding to attend ma.. Haiz find the whole day all the blouse either is too ex or last piece liao... sianz -_- Saw a blouse at E-base wa veri chio lor.. pink colour but too revealing liao... haha but the most impt thing it cost $43 bucks lor.. veri tempted to buy.. haha but think think like not worth it lor.. sob sob.. coz I now abit bankrupt le.. haha.. Then in the end I bought a blouse at OG.. guess wad colour?? haha its another same colour yeah ur rite..its black lor.. hahaha when my mum saw it she say nothing coz she numb to it liao.. my whole closet full of black clothes lor.. even my grandma oso bo wei gong... hahahahaha this blouse cheaper lor.. 29 onli nia.. hehe ya quite happy lor...

Went to find yong shun at his wk place but he is nt there.. then saw that MARK there.. sianz.. he lk shock lor when he saw mi... then I ask him where is YS,,, dunno wad wind lor.. he so friendly to mi today.. he simply say he went out to buy pancake lor... ask mi to wait for him... see his face i blood boil liao.. tink I will stand there and wait meh... quite disappointed lor.. thought I won be able to see him.. On our way down.. we saw YS haha veri happy see him man.. but he lk more thinner and thinner but he more shuai now lor.. even seline said so... she say he lk like a bunch of skeleton.. haiz... dunno why whenever I see him my eyes abit watery lor.. he oso.. ask him how is him he say ok lor.. he veri poor thing lor.. no off wan lor.. but I think the business quite good lor...He say he might be going army at March.,..I pray for the day to cum lor.. so he won be need to see that MARK every day///I lied to him say I going to marry liao.. hahahahaa his face so shock man.. lol.. so cute hahaha.. i tink i siao liao.. too bad onli can tok to him awhile but I oredi veri happy liao..

At first want to go BIlly BOmber to eat.. coz I saw an nash there,, haha he so funny.. but he finish wk early lor..So We went to Sketches to eat.. coz Vickie wkin there haha got 25% off lei, the food was nice... but too bad Vickie wk until 6 onli if not go walk walk wit her.. But anyway she miting her bf too la.. dun go and da rao ppl lor..Saw wang and JAmes today oso..he wanted to give mi the cream puff but I dun wan haha tooo full liao.. Now then realise I got so many frens wking at Bugis lei...After eatin le..we wanted to go Kallang River see firewk but too many ppl liao.. so we went back to tampines..walk walk ard there... and saw seline cousin baby so bubu wor.. haha veri cute lei.. haha sometimes I feel like marrying and have a baby now.. stupid rite... hehe *shy*..

Sian lor.. my Saturday jiu zhe yang du guo le..sad lor i miss my fav show the last episode lor..-_- Go shopping whole day..but ok la saw a lot of ppl nt bad afterall... later watchin tv le.. as for tmr dunno do wad lor.. maybe stay at hm and rest ba.. haha

With Love, 10:07 PM

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