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Thursday, July 15, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening To: Becoz u love me by celine dion

The day has come..we celebrated chua's farewell today... have lots of fun.. and oso we took tonnes of pictures man..will upload here when my fren send mi.. Thank God everything went on smoothly.. the cake was great.. and there is lots of tidbits man..
so sad he cant bring our present along man.. coz too heavy liao... shit i forgot took a pic of the present we bought for him.. anyway... i tink everyone of us enjoy ourself..

Ah chua gave each of us a postcard he wrote for us.. when i saw mine dunno why veri naturally tears roll down lor..This is wad he wrote for mi..

Shirley da jie da(big sis), wonder whether the day will come when ill meet u outside gate(my fav quote), doubt it'll happen!Anyway ur a great gal and dun let anyone tell u otherwise. Dont lose sight of your goal. You'll reach it one day. We may be slower but its still ours to keep! Do give God a chance always! Also, learnt to let ppl see your smile always!!!

the words in touch mi the a lot lor.. haiz.. i will sure miss hiim.. and i wanna thank him for teaching mi.. tolerate mi.. coz i always quarrel tok back to him.. lastly thank him that he send some of us home today.. it is the first time we sat his car and it shall be the last time!!! At first when i knew that he is leaving im abit angry coz i tink he veri bad lor leave us halfway but now when he explain to us his vision his dreams.. i tink he is veri great lor.. i realli hope he will fufill his dreams as an lecturer...

With Love, 6:10 PM

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