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Wednesday, July 07, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening TO: Roses by Outklast

Haiz can say that today then i finally start sch lor.. wa.. alot of module to study this term lei.. damn stress liao..haiz first lesson is e-commerce.. tok abt webpage.. HTML, HTTP..ETC wa piang makes mi feel like sleeping lor. im an computer idiot man.. wonder hw am i going to survive tru the whole term man... then the entrepreneurship teacher siao siao wan.. zzz her make up all smudge liao she oso dunno hahaha.. im bad man..

jux the first day i can feel the stress liao.. got 5 projects to do man.. wa realli headache lei.. and still got a veri scary woman.. MDM RAJES..wa nv went her lesson be4
my classmates all say her like.. a witch man.. die die liao tis time.. she teach word processing man.. tmr gt her lesson somemore 2 hrs lei.. they say she is going to cover the keyboard switch off the monitor.. and let us type.. die liao la.. minimum mux 45 words per min.. then if nv improve mux cum back on sat.. zzzzzzzz she is so fierce man..tmr sure dead man.. haiz..

With Love, 6:55 PM

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