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Wednesday, July 21, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening To: CHong Dong by powerstation

Sumtimes when a person fall in love he/she will tend to get lost in their own world...even though u know that ur partner is drifting away from u.. got something hiding from u.. but u choose to believe, trust ur partner.. even though no matter how hard ur fren tried to convince u... then when they broke up wit u... u will be the one crying under the pillow for 3 days 3 nites but ur partner will feel nothing at all.. continue to enjoy life.. y r we so foolish when we r in love?? y is it so unfair.. is it wrong to love a person too much???

well went out wit my cousin yst,, haha so happy to see her actually.. its been long since we chilled out together,, welll bth of us were so excited abt da jie (our older cousin) wedding at october,,, we even think of wad to wear and wad hairstyle.. coz we will be the ah yee ma,,, HAHAHA i tink i want to go back batam soon liao.. sian of the life here.. so stress man.. go back 2-3 days will be great man... realli miss da jie and ah boy a lot man.. not to say the cheap tiger beer there hahahah,,,mi and my cousin went to glutton square to eat,, and we queue up for the oyster omelete for one hr man.,.. wa damn tired and hot lor... haha but it was nice lor.. so crispy man.. then after that we went to sit down at spinelli and chat chat....

Haiz today slack the whole day lor.. no lesson at all.. all the teachers were either in meeting or course,, so boring man.. had some misunderstanding wit emerly but luckily everythign is alright now.. kelvin nv go work today lor.. when he called mi i was shocked lor... haha stupid him.. lazy to wake up,,, want give mi slap liao... lol... mathew grandma passed away today.. tink i going to the funeral wit jin chun tmr ba... nt sure lei.. sure will be veri awkward wan.. so long nv see church members liao.. haiz... hope tmr is a better day man...

With Love, 6:51 PM

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