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Sunday, July 18, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening to: crazy sexy marvellous by panderdoff
Went to Mu last nite..hmmm nt bad lor... the music ok.. but quite a few trance lor.. haiz i dun like trance wan lor.. so that time abit sian lor.. got lots of hot babes there man.. haha clubbing wit bao bei is fun man... the bth of us keep gossiping hahaha we dance until 1plus then we go eat at the old orchard road food centre... wa 1plus liao still so packed man.,. luckily we managed to find a place to sit.. eat hokkien mee satay and chk rice.... wanted to eat oyster omelete wan.. but the queue damn long lor.. -_- the food there nt bad... but one advice if u wanna go there better go wit a lot of ppl.. so can all spread out and buy food hahaha... we went in the evening at first lor.. but damn too much ppl liao.. so in the end we go eat lok lok.. wa dat one more worse lor.. so ex man.. one stick 1.50 like dat... so eat veri little lor.. coz no money ma hahahah....
went to watch king arthur wit jie jing hahhahah.... it was a nice show.. dunno y i now like to see guys wearing armour man.. so man lei..hahahhaa it was an interesting show..i bought a piglet at bugis lor.. 14.95,, so cheap man.. but when i cum hm jux now.. i kannna the nagging lor.. haiz expected liao... my mum went non stop.. haha until now still scold.. used to it liao.. lol.. then we went to bedok 85 to eat... hmmm according to our food expert jie jing he say the food ok ok onli lor.. hahaha anyway tks ah jie jing for treating mi and the sending mi hm... lol.. k la mi wan go bathe le sian lor.. tmr have to study again.. monday blues -_- 

With Love, 8:49 PM

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