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Saturday, July 17, 2004'♥

song im listening to: here without u .. three doors down
sianz so early..... wake up today sia... go seline hse do my attachment report lor.. finally finish le.. so happy man... then help her straighten her hair lor.. coz i got the hair straightener ma.. haiz she veri poor thing lei.. go rebond but not str.,.. i tink the salon auntie wan to let mi slap liao haha... hmm i tink my straightener better lor..muahahah... so now her hair better liao.. poor ger i tink she need to straighten everytime she go out..
hmmz now doing nothing lor.. jux now pat wei si to slp.. in the end end up we 2 playing.. haha then i kanna scolded by my mum.. then now kanna kick out of the room liao.. lol.. she is so cute man,, cant resist playing wit her.. dunno when she grow up liao,,, will still remember mi ma?? muahahaha
k la mi go rest le.. later in the evening going out wit bao bei.. maybe will go zhong guo hei (chinablack).. or ying yue di dao(MU)
this is mu bubu wei si..hehe like a mushroom hor...lol


With Love, 1:37 PM

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