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Tuesday, July 13, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening To: I can Live without you

Veri tired these few days.. tink its becoz somehow or rather im in charge of the farewell party of MR chua.. haiz alot of problems cum in here and there.. esp my class got a group of malay gers cant be cooperative wan lei.. makes my blood boil man!!!.. Finally after so much disagreement we decided to buy a cake for him... 2.5 kg lor.. cost us 75 bucks man.. everyone pay up now except that naha.. feel like giving her one tight slap lor.. tink she monitress can yaya here and there ah...

Ah chua came to class and tok to us... he gave us each a dreamcatcher as a farewell gift...hope our dreams can be fufill.. wa.. tat part is damn touching lor.. jess and steph cried.. i also wanted but act strong lor.. no choice la mux make the class atmosphere rite lor so i force myself not to cry// dunno will I cry on thur ma.. coz we r celebrating on that day..tat day mux realli take a lot of photos lor... but i admire chua character lor.. he go and pursue his dream.. hmmm most impt thing is he happy can liao..

dunno y medi cum and msg mi ask mi dun be wit someone for the sake of having someone...hmmmm haha i oso dunno y he say so.. anyway i dun tink i want to have a relationship for the moment.. i dunw an to hurt myself again lor.. and i like my life rite now.. except for my dear dunno how to makeup teach MS Kidsom..haha.. nxt time then tell u guys abt her ba.. mi veri tired liao.. later still have to practise my keyboarding skills lor...

With Love, 4:54 PM

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