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Thursday, July 22, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening To: wo ke yi bao ni ma ai ren by zhang hui mei

Nothing much happen today.. haiz i found that my friendship wit her is drifitng away.. although yst we manage to tok things out.. but this morning when we r in class we seldom tok.. when i ask her something she jux gave mi a short reply.. i realli dunno wad to do.. at first i tot she was my best fren in class.. my best listener but now..i dunno if she still angry wit mi.. she seems to be normal when she is wit steph they all.. haiz realli feeling not veri gd lor..also maybe she is tired ba.. or having some problems.. haiz i realli dunno le.. i myself oredi so much problem liao.. if its realli my fault im willing to say sorry lor..

weekend finally cuming liao.. wad a stressful week man... today run for sw lesson.. wa onli run one rd i wan to die le.. too long nv exercise is like dat lor... so tried man... lucky tonite not much hm wk... k la mi wan go eat dinner liao...

With Love, 6:43 PM

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