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Thursday, July 01, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening To: Waiting By Boa

Today is 1st Of July... Nelson'S death anniversary.. 5 years have passed by so quickly.. time realli flies.. alot of things can happen in 5 yrs.. and i find that i have changed in this 5 yrs..

My love life is getting from bad to worse..I'm getting more and more soft hearted..and oso foolish.. i seem to have difficulty on how to differentiate btw a lie and a truth..why am i so foolish.. always trust someone so easily..What did I do to deserve all these...im realli a failure lor.. i hate myself.. in fact i hate guys,, yes.. i realli do.. 1st of July is the day i swear nv to trust a guy too easily anymore.. this shall be the veri last time..I hate u.. XXX and i realli do..

With Love, 8:08 PM

Lover ♥

name Kerin
age Forever 21


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