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Monday, July 26, 2004'♥

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Dunno why I feel my computer wierd wierd de... haiz dunno kanna wad virus again tis time.. sianz lor.. haiz.. today was a boring day... all the lesson so boring.. Having a headache now again.. i tink its becoz i tink too much le ba.. haha.. So many projects are coming up... tink im feeling stress liao..tink our group nt like last time liao...oso dunno why.. like veri slack lor.. all no motivation sianz... haiz cannot like dat liao.. mux zheng zuo qi lai... kampatei...

Seline wait for mi after sch.. haha she even bought for mi old chang kee.. so touched lei.. hehe going out wit her this sat.. yeah.. finally bth of us r free.. and go out wit her sure no go clubbing wan so can save money le.. hahaha....

With Love, 6:12 PM

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