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Sunday, July 11, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening To: I Dont wanna know by mario(dunno wat)

Haiz been wanting to dl this song from IRC.. but nowadays IRc damn lag lei.. haiz realli love this song alot.. so ppl if u have this song kindly send mi lei. hehe love the lyrics alot..

It's a Sunday again.. as usual its a day for mi to rest lor.. slept at 3 yst.. today still a bit sleepy lei.. but no choice have to do my homework lor. jux pray that i wont fall asleep while doing man.. not intending to go anywhere today.... haiz.. my life is so sian man.. lol

Yst dunno chui she me feng.. suddenly 2 of my ex bf called mi... so qiao lor.. jux call and chat chat lor.. one of them ask mi out but i no mood go out wit him lor.. then after them Kelvin called mi.. and we tok until 3plus lor.. realli dunno him lor.. he like Shu qi so much.. then bth of us were like arguing abt her.. coz i dun find her beautiful lei.. then he find her so cute..zzz i wan to vomit lei.. haha tink guys and gers taste are different ba.. die liao he ask mi to be his stead again...then i jux say i need more time lor.. although i knw him for 4 yrs liao.. he is a nice guy.. but i dun have the confident to stead wit him lor.. haha i jux dunno why lei... maybe i scare nxt time if stead liao then break.. mei you peng you zhuo le.. haha..

aiyah currently i dun wan to have any relationship lor.. dun wan to fan myself wit akll those BGR problems.. hehe so this few days i abit siao siao.. for those who r my classmates then knw lor.. muahahaha k la mi gtg do my ASDF JKL: liao hahaha

With Love, 1:09 PM

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