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Monday, June 28, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening To: Chinager By Usual Suspect

Actually quite surprise today..coz that nerd nerd guy in my office.. well his name is calvin.. ask mi wan to go lunch wit him ma.. haha i tot he was tokin to somemone else man..haha in the end i agreed lor..haha i was laughing all the way.. coz he so guai guai type.. then the action all so funny.. i knw i veri bad la.. after lunch then go back office le.. all the aunties were like gossiping of mi n him.. haha no la i have no feelings for him lor.. jux treat him as a fren and i guess he oso treat mi as fren la.. the aunties think too much le..muhaha,,]

whole day use com today so sian.. keep surfing net man.. until i fall asleep again.. tis time die liao.. haah its my supervisor ask mi to wake up.. but she nv scold mi la.. she jux smile smile say aiyoh yst nv sleep ah.. hahaha so paiseh man.. i quickly go toilet wash my face man.. jux now after work go wait for seline. then we go kfc eat cheese fries.. haha long time no see her.. poor her she have to eat vegetarian for 49 days.. haiz... wish i cld get my pay real soon.. saw a denim skirt and i realli like it man.. hope to buy it soon,.,,

With Love, 9:13 PM

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