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Saturday, June 12, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening to: God Is A Ger By Groove Coverage

Haiz this few days damn tired so nv come online and update my blog.. somemore my com kanna this Trojan virus.. cannot be repaired so my com damn lag ...

My life so booring now.,. everyday after wk then go hm,,, wanted to go out my no strength lei.. if nt is to wait for seline after her work.. but then she 6pm then finish so sumtimes i oso veri lazy to wait for her lor.. hehe,,,, today is sat the one and only day i can go out lor.. so i went suntec wit seline.. go walk walk.. and help my cousin find a puzzle so stupid lor.. then we went to eat the steamboat again.. but then tis time got a promotion its a thai style one. but in the end we still prefer the normal one coz the thai one gt a lot of food we dun quite prefer and not much food for us to eat.. so the 2 of us keep drinking soup lor,, hehe...

This few days PMS lor so temper quite bad that day even quarrel wit my mum and dad,, haiz dunno why maybe i oso veri stress la,, everyday go work the table is full of paper haiz.. one week down. 3 more weeks to go liao.,.. jia you wor shirley!!! and i pray that my france will win in euro cup 2004.. france is da best..haha

With Love, 10:26 PM

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