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Tuesday, June 01, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening To: Lydia BY FIR

Today my main motive of going out is to buy my pointed shoe..hehehe..went to our first stop that is Pennisular..see the shoe displaying there i sooo excited sia.. but then the salesman say no black oso..haiz..so we went to suntec..more worst cant even see the shadow..so our final stop is Marina square.. went there oso no black colour wan..haiz in the end i ask the person called some branches oso no more// haiz i knw i veri stubborn wan.. once i like tat thing i will try to get it wan.. but realli no choice liao..so disappointed sia..

So in the end we go walk walk... then went in Charles and Keith..wow there more pointed shoe sia..saw one shoe not bad one.. and quite like it..so in the end i bought that,,,hehe so happy finally got shoe liao..finally bought all the thing i needed for my attachment liao.. now the onli thing i pray is the people there nt bad wan..and i willl not find wrong place on the first day..lol

Today went out the whole day..so tired sia.. haiz tmr Groove Coverage cuming to Music Underground.. realli wish to go lei but no $$$$$$...haiz... maybe wait until Friday then go Chinablack ba...sian// oredi owe my mum $60 bucks liao..haha

k la mi wan go watch HOlland V liao...hope tmr will be a better day.... lol...

With Love, 10:21 PM

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