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Wednesday, June 02, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening To: Poison by Groove Coverage

So sian i whole day stay at hm... except jux now went downstairs to trim my eyebrow.. after that i watch LOTR Part 2.. last time dunno who give mi one.. 3 hrs lei.. watch until i wan to slp..but its veri interesting lor//

Listen to 91.3fm now.. wa lao they keep emphasinsing on the party tonite.. Groove Coverage is coming down to Music underground tonite lor..ah jin cheemun they all oso going..they keep cumin to tempt mi haha.. haiz haiz realli wish to go lei..kelvin heard abt this he go transfer 20 busks to my bank account..but then i transfer back lor.. coz he xing xing ku ku earn his money wan.. and somemore i not his stead lor.. dunw an anyhow take ppl money unless close frens la haha.. suan le all beocz of no money to take cab hm at nite... oso tmr i got to attend a course from Temasek Poly at 8am.. if tonite go clubbin i onli can slp 3hrs.. somemore tmr long day lei.. after the course im going to watch my fav HARRY POTTER with Seline.. and i got to bring my 2 little cousin along cause they keep pestering mi lei..haha

So i tink its zhu ding wan lor... not onli beocz of money.. but oso i abit not feeling well la.. i tink i too heaty liao.. keep eating durian these few days haha// if tonite go cfm fever tmr liao haha.. wa lao my stupid modem.. keep online then dc.. this computer is giving mi alot of headache man.. so stupid... everytime make mi waste money wan... yst i dreamt of going back to church,, this is the 2nd time lor.. haiz dunno wad to do oso.. i miss the members but i dun tink they miss mi lor///

With Love, 5:54 PM

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