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Wednesday, June 30, 2004'♥

SOng Im Listening TO: Kiss Kiss by Holly Valance

This morning i was damn suay lor.. first i forgot to bring my wallet.. second, i took the wrong bus to work man!! i was like wad the..F**K wa piang i misunderstood 28 for number 8.. until Bedok then i realise man.. sianz.. veri panic lor coz oredi 7.30am liao lei.. in the end i was late for 15 mins lor.. lucky the supervisor nv scold mi she say she understand hw i feel.. haha My boss treat us to lunch today.. wow seldom can whole company eat lunch together wor.. haha the roast duck was veri yummy wor!!'

After work i met seline lor.. go service my hp.. stupid phone lei.. so lag and the cam siao liao.. tmr then can take back.. meanwhile i using my dad 2100.. more worse lor.. open one msg need to wait 1 min.. -_-.. i miss my phone man,,, accompany seline go mit XXX (im nt suppose to say out his name.. coz he jux nw treat mi lei haaha) wa he so gd lor. bought a swatch watch (limited edition) as her bd present..realli veri nice lei.. haiz when is my turn.. been wanting a swatch watch until my neck so long liao man..haiz she so xing fu lor.. but then she dun like him jux treat him as fren.. this world is cruel man,,, lol

saw mr xxx online and he didnt even bother to say hi to mi.. haiz realli veri disappoint wit him ba.. sinc ehe so busy i can still see him online surfing net.. a mas won take much time rite.. i dunno la.. maybe im used to it liao.. suan le im nt going to bother so much anymore

so sad lei.. my phone bill shoot up lei.. coz too many msg liao.. my mum scold mi man.. sob sob.. this mth mux save abit liao.. finally got the blouse that i bought from auction liao.. my mum say its nt bad.. but for mi i find pink colour nt suit mi lei.. maybe im used to wearing black liao.. tink i need some time ba.. haha tonite no matter wad mux slp early liao.. damn tired man.. and my panda eyes is cumin out man.. lol 2 more days to go..

With Love, 9:16 PM

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