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Thursday, June 17, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening To: Jie Tuo By Ah Mei

realli damn angry today wit my supervisor lor.. she always like dat ppl do finish things then tell ppl got soemthin to add in.. wa lao.. need to redo redo and redo.. cant she jux say all the things at once?? damn angry man... since i started attachment i've been doing the same thing again and again man.. for 2 yrs they never do anything then now push all to mi wtf man.. tink wad do shit work ah...-_- i was so pissed off today that i nv went for luch today... no mood to eat man so for the whole day i nv eat until evening.. then she was like so caring asking mi y i nv ate.. zzz then i jux say im veri full.. pls lor im full wit anger man!!! haiz tmr more worst man have to put all the paper in da box.. i realli realli hope after this wk i can change and do somethign else man.. if nt my report i dunno wad to write man.. zzzz

i now jux hoping for sat lor... can go out wit my frens man.. release stress ah.. dunno wad will happen tmr man.. i sincerely pray that the nxt 14 days will pass damn fast man.. i miss the teahcer ah chua coz so long no ppl quarrel wit mi liao, miss the bridge leader.. and oso miss my frens alot.. hahaha

With Love, 10:44 PM

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