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Thursday, June 03, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening To: Fantasia Singing.. American Idol

Wake up so early today.. coz have to go Tp for the business experience course// but went there for an hour..all of us feel veri sian,, so we run away,,hahaha then we went to Changi Airport.. go there have our lunch and chit chat a bit... At one plus we all go seperate ways,

I was late in mitin my 2 aunties.. coz today i promise to bring min min and wei jie to watch Harry Potter..Finally after 1 yr plus.. i can watch harry potter,, all the tickets in Tampines Mall was sold out,, so we wnet to buy at Century Square..veri heng we got the tickets.. its a damn nice movie.. especially if u gt read the bk be4// u will understand better.. everything is sooo magical// haiz after this part 3 have to wait for one more yr then can catch pt 4 at nxt yr NOV.. im sure pt4 will be veri exciting.. better buck up on my reading..haha i still haven finish readin pt5 ;p lol///

Accompany seline to cut hair at Storm after the show... wa inside got one guy veri man lei.. like zhang zhi ling..hehe keep peeping at him.... tink i hua chi liao// shhh dun tell him ok..lol

With Love, 10:32 PM

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