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Monday, June 07, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening To: Ru guo you yi tian by Liang Jing Ru

First day of attachment.. wake up at 6am lei.. but the whole nite nv slp much.. tink i too nervous liao.. took the bus 65.. so many ppl sia.. luckily i was 1 min earlier for work.. i tot i was late man!!

The office was veri small ba... when i reach there the person in charge miss lim ask mi to punch one whole stack of paper lor.. wa now im scared of puncher liao.. haha after punching then she ask mi go to the meeting room and do filling... the paper like dun need money lor.. wa... they accumulate the quotation invoices forrrrr soo long wan.. can imagine one cabinet of file i file for 6hrs.. damn a lot lor.. haiz.. went to luch wit 2 aunties they keep gossiping then i jux sit there and listen lor. i tink im like transparent lor..-_- but Miss Lim nt bad la she bought lychees she bring in and give mi a lot hahaha...

But inside the meeting room veri relax lor.. no pp there to supervise mi.. i jux took off my shoes and file lor..muhahaha.. coz the meeting rm so cast away from the office..overall not bad la.. i hope tmr she will not give mi task i dont knw hw to do lor.. haha coz i quite slow ma.. then she tok sooo fast lor.. the task i like to do most is photocopy paper lor.. so fun jux press here and there...ai yah hope tmr will be a better day.. now my onli wish is sat faster cum.. actually office life veri sianz lor

let mi show u the filling ive done today.. the whole box of paper lor...

With Love, 9:17 PM

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