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Saturday, June 26, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening To: Confession By Usher

I received a shocking news the first thing today... Mr XXX msg mi that my France lost To Greece.. at first i tot he was joking man,, in the end its real lor.. wa damn sad and disappointed lor... its so unbelievable man..wa lao.. lucky nv bet ah.. if nt sure lose till siao.. haiz now onli left czech and hollan that i support if bth of them lost ah... forget it im nt watching the final man!!!

haiz did data entry the whole day man,, face the com until i doze off man.. haha lucky no ppl saw if nt throw face man.. lol..

later miting my bao bei to zhong guo hei.. hope it will be fun coz onli the 2 of us going today.. and mux remember to bring ic haha.. k la mi wan go bathe le,,, later going to the funeral of seline's grandpa.. holland pls pls win sweden ok.. i cant take another blow anymore...

With Love, 2:05 PM

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