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Monday, June 14, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening To: Ji Shi Ben By Kelly Chen

sian monday again.. when is my weekend cumin man.. realli wish time could pass faster.. i wan go back school!!!

actually quite happy la.. yst my France won england haha so happy man,, all thks to barthez and zidane man.. u guys rockz.. haha.. had a bet with xiao pang.. he take england ma.. those who lose shall treat dinner.. lol and he lose.. hehe.. so i will be expecting a dinner from him.. he say sizzler lei.. hahahahahahahah 23 june f&g will be have a chill out session at the jazz lounge...

audrey went to malaysia.. hope she can faster cum back sia.. waiting for her to bet socceer man and oso this sat go clubbing.. my cousin oso cum back liao.. haha got so many ppl acc mi liao.. if no attachment more better sia..

k la k la mi wanna go bath le..

With Love, 7:01 PM

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