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Thursday, June 24, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening To: Only Time By Enya

Had a busy day today lots of stuff to do in my workplace.. but time passes veri fast.. went home after work.. suppose to mit mei qin but in the end she got something on.. seline's grandfather passed away yst nite.. when i saw the msg in da morning i was shocked man.. we were just tokin abt his condition on tue.. haiz life is realli unpredictable.. u nv knw when u going to leave this world.. so moral of the story.. live life with no regrets.. be forgiving and enjoy ur life.. oh gosh.. wad am i tokin abt.. sounds like im gonna leave this world.. haha

went to the chill out session yst nite at hotel intercontinental.. the first outing i had wit ppl from the forum. True enough they r so friendly.. and realli they make mi laugh a lot.. haha too bad i abit shy la.. so nv tok much haha.. mux act abit ma.. lol reach hm ard 11plus.. i was damn tired lor.. straight away go zz. damn shit i forgot to switch on my alarm.. haha lucky my grandma cum and wake mi up if nt i sure slp like dunno when,, haha

Mr XXX called mi in da morning andi was surprised.. tink its been a few days that he called mi.. wad to do ppl is busy ma.. dunno y i feel veri stupid when i tok to him... dunno how to describe the feeling.. it was like not the normal mi.. but rite now i dun expect much from him liao.. as long as he sometimes call or msg mi i will be happy liao.. :P coz i want to live happily everyday..i wan to enjoy life..

tmr going another gathering with my private sch frens.. haha sure will be fun wan.. lol miss nini and tricia alot// so long no see them liao.. tmr will be a better day..yeah!!!

With Love, 8:25 PM

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