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Sunday, June 06, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening To: My Song by dunno who

Jux wake up... my whole body aching man... dunno y lor.. nv dance much lei yst.. my who feet is aching so much..coz of the heels i wore yst.. sianz,, dunno tmr wearing that heel to work ma.. feeling sooooooo moooody and pek chek now.. i oso dunno why.. maybe PMS coming ba...

Yst i went to Chinablack and queue.. all tks to Joycelyn lor.. come sooo late in the end no free entry one.. wa lao.. standard lei every wk like dat i will faint.. if nxt time wan go 7pm havt to camp there liao.. hehe..then Aaron suggest go Embassy.. so we took a cab there.. and when we reach there guess wad??? hahahahahahahha Embassy closed liao... the whole Embassy tao pi liao.. wa lao nv inform ppl wan lei.. Luckily saw Eden. he told us that.. Eden was working at one of the restaurant at Esplanade.. he say i change liao..becum chiongster liao.. wa lao where got man.. So we went to China JUmp.. coz the internet say there gt Ladies nite.. when we reach there.. haiz they say no ladies nite lor it's air crew nite.. somemore the minimum age is 25 yrs old.. sianz -_-.. so guess wad we took bus back to CHINA BLACK... zzz.. reach there the queue still veri long wa lan eh..so we queue and queue.. the bouncer ask whether anyone wan go in tru the express way..35 bucks got free drinks dun need to queue.. wa lao so ex sia.. but a lot of ppl did that lor.. so the queue nv move at all..damn a lot of ppl sia.. in the end we all sian liao 11.30 liao so late still cant club.. so i suggest going to Music Underground lor.. coz Angel they all there ma,, reach there Angel tell mi she going liao coz wei bin wk today.. haiz realli no fate wit her lor.. Mu veri cheap lor onli 10 bucks.. Joseph, James they all oso join us.. so i tink we gt 12 ppl go together lor.. when we went there the music is retro and pop.. alot of ppl sia.. i saw a lot of familiar faces.. like cascade, zhong shan.. and i saw my fren ex lor.. Francis.. but too bad a lot of ppl cant tok much to them..

This new location is smaller than the previous wan lor.. so small sia.. but the decor nt bad la.. then when we all want dance oso no space sianz...-_- in the end they all like veri sianz lor coz they keep complaining alot of techno lor.. especially freddy they all lor.. cant they be patient abit... so in the end they suggested going to a pub called Addictive.. their fren open wan.. but that place no dance floor lor.. then my side of fren wan go back China black lor.. zzz,,, guess where i chose to go?? haha i choose none.. sian lor go Mu haven even more than 1hr plus then go liao.. then it's like my fault man.. bring them go there.. guess wad in the end ying ying msg mi after we left say got alot of rnb and pop song lor.. haiz.. so wasted... so in the end actually i intend to go back hm wan.. sianz liao lor.. walk for the whole day.. somemore i dun have so much money to go another place liao//so joycelyn acc mi go take bus she take taxi hm lor.. then when i in the bus,,, suddenly.. daniel msg mi.. he ask mi where am i.. then i say at orchard lor.. in the end i mit him then he cum n drive mi to SOS lor.. he got membership there so i dun need pay at all... wa lao shld have thought of him initially.. then saw alot of long time no contact fren.. like wilson they all lor.. then ah xiong won 4D ma.. so he open Chivas Regal.. wa i drink until like dun need money.. bu he bai bu he ma,,, hahah in the end i was drunk lor.. vomit until siao.. now still gt abit of hangover,,, then poor daniel he cant drink alot he in the end drive mi and serene go home lor.. reach hm 5 plus lor..

yst was an adventure day lor.. go soooo many place in the end 1 plus liao then settle at one pub.. zzzz so suay... hope nxt time go chiong won have this kind of problem liao....

With Love, 3:37 PM

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