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Friday, May 28, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening to: My Immortal by Evanessance

Went out wit Seline today,, we went to Suntec shop shop..everywhere was having sales lor.. in the end we went to Ebase.. my fav shop..haha..then in the end bought one purple blouse...yeah u nv see wrongly its purple..haha coz everyone knw that i always buy black colour clothes..and my wardrobe is full of it... so today i decided to change liao haha.. gt 50% off.. so gd onli 15 plus nia...

Went to the Suntec's convention hall to eat steambboat.. today is thursday lei.. the place is packed wit ppl lor..maybe becoz of the 15% off offer promotion ba...wa eat until so full..the steamboat there reaalli nice lor.. so fufilling haha..

Hmm..today ah zhen msn mi told mi abt her bf haiz.. i see liao feel like slappin his bf,,so gigloo wan..always take money from her somemore treat her like shit.. haiz realli dun understand wad she thinkin still wanna be wit him...k la i wan go slp le...tmr have to go Audrey house in da morning.... sommore bukit batok again lor..haiz// yawnz...

With Love, 12:39 AM

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